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Little girls and boys might be substituting more inspiring dolls for the traditional Barbie toys they’ve come to know.

Enter: Miss Possible

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Teens across the United States know what it’s like to wake up with the sun.

About 43% of U.S. public high schools start before 8 a.m.- significantly earlier than at most workplaces. We’re all for learning self-discipline and making the most out of your time in high school, but is waking up at the crack of dawn really what is best for growing teens?

Many people- including the superintendents of school districts in 41 states- say no. The issue of high school students functioning at higher levels later in the day, yet being expected to perform earlier than any other age group, is not a new one. The growing support for moving high school start times to later in the morning, however, has only in the past year begun to gain momentum.

Even U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, has tweeted his support. He also linked to an article on the issue in the Washington Post (read here).


What do you guys think? Would waking up an hour or two later each morning make a difference? If you’re convinced, take action!



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In honor of Mo’Ne Davis and all of Philadelphia’s Taney Dragons’ semi-final matchup against Las Vegas today in the Little League World Series, we thought we’d shed some light on this remarkable young woman.


Not only is Mo’Ne the first girl to toss a LLWS shutout, which she managed in her team’s regional game against Newark, but she’s also only the 18th girl to have ever played in the tournament, which has been held for 68 years.

She appeared on the cover of Sport’s Illustrated last week- the first Little League player to ever earn the honor.

Mo’Ne wants to play basketball at the University of Connecticut, and dreams of making it into the WNBA.

At age 7, Mo’Ne started playing baseball– and she currently throws a 70 MPH fastball!

She’s an HONOR STUDENT (you go, girl) at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy in Philadelphia.

And, if this is not enough, she’s also proving to teenagers everywhere that it pays off to dream big and follow your passions!

Tune in to Mo’Ne’s game- 7:30 PM EST TONIGHT!

And, listen closely for her batting walk-up song…Beyonce’s Run the World(Girls).


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